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Yoga, Chakras and Intuition

with Didi Ananda Devanishta

Didi will share her experience and knowledge as a Yoginii and spiritual teacher for over two decades, taking you into a deeper understanding of of the mysteries and magic of yogic practice. Didi speaks from experience as well as from her deep knowledge of yoga philosophy.

Didi is an internationally travelled teacher, who is in demand around the world. In 2014 she has taught in China, Malaysia, New Zealand and across Australia. She is currently resident Acharya at the Ananda Marga River School, Maleny.

Radical Health: Three Workshops

with Arpita Ariell, Aniish Cleland and Jyoti Dambiec

Learn secrets of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle from people who practice it every day with this three-part workshop.

  1. Raw Vegan Desserts will unveil the secrets of delectable, wholesome treats such as chocolate beetroot cake (you won’t believe its raw and sugar free!)

  2. The Art of Fermentation will introduce you to the fine art of Tempeh making and the world of vegan cheese and yogurt. Learn the power of probiotics to empower your health.

  3. We Built Our Own Sustainable House is one family’s journey to build a beautiful, state of the art sustainable home on a small budget. Learn the pitfalls, successes and most important points in sustainable home building.

Read more about Aniish and Arpita on their EcoDream website here.

Jyoti Dambiec is a ceramic artists, the former director of VeganACT, a vegan activist and is a passionate gardener.

•  Should Robots Have Rights?

with Michael Towsey, PhD

Join a guided discussion with an expert in artificial intelligence. This discussion will bring bring this question into a completely new light by considering ideas such as the subtle
energy of microvita, Brahmacakra (the cycle of creation) and the Proutist view of social rights.

Michael Towsey is a Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology who has been practicing meditation for over four decades.

•  Community Choir: The Magic of Ananda Sutram

directed by Jyoshna Latrobe, PhD

Each afternoon, embark on a musical journey singing the sanskrit shlokas of Ananda Sutrams. These mystical gems are at the core of spiritual philosophy, and as we sing them we’ll experience both their depth and the power of music. Scored for violin and cello--bring your instruments if you play!

Jyoshna is a world celebrated composer and performer with some twenty albums to her credit in a diversity of styles. She has directed several choirs and orchestrated many original performances in the past years from her home in New Zealand. She is one of the few non-Indians trained and accredited to perform the songs of Prabhat Samgiit. She is conducting ground-breaking enthomusicology research into the history of kiirtan in India. Read more about Jyoshna (wikapedia) here or here .

•  The Fine Art of Pracar: Leading Others Along the Path of Bliss

with Dada Gunamuktananda

How do you share the gift of spirituality with others? Explore the different avenues that are available to share our knowledge and interest. Dada will discuss the lessons he’s learned in this year’s tour across Australia and speak about how methods need to change with the time. There will be time for discussion and sharing among those who are interested in pracar -- either currently involved or those wanting to become more active.

Dada Gunamuktananda has taught meditation on several continents and has been touring across Australia for the last year. Dada is an engaging and thoughtful speaker. His fascinating TEDx lecture recorded in Noosa early this year, Consciousness the Final Frontier, has been watched by over 200,000 people.

• The Treasures of Ananda Marga

Panel discussion and group activities

How can we understand the value of our treasures? How can we protect them? Let’s discuss these wonderful gifts: sublime philosophy, Universal Love and “intensenly keen unity among yourselves.” Presenters include Jayanta Kumar and Kamala Alister.

Synthesis and Analysis:

The Esssence of Neo Humanist Life

with Acharya Narada Muni (Paul Alister)

A new look at the meaning of: “Subjective Approach with Objective Adjustment.” Do you look at what separates you from others, or do you see everything as an expression of the
Infinite? How can you develop this approach indiviudally and socially? What is the role of spiritual practice to develop this? We’ll examine group psychology versus service psychology and what this means in our personal and social life.

Acharya Narada Muni is an a author and videographer. He is the only trained Ananda Marga “family acharya” in Australia. He frequently teaches and lectures on meditation and spiritual philosophy based on his own his experience of four decades of disciplined meditation practice. He’s also an avid surfer.

Songs of the New Dawn: The Ecological Message

with Bhaerava and Jyoshna

The 5018 songs of Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar (Prabhat Samgiit) are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Bhaerava will share songs that especially focus on ecology and the environment and the special messages that they hold. He will teach how to sing some of his favorites.

Our Choices Affect the World:

How Changing our Diet can Impact the Planet

Dharmadeva and Jyoti Dambiec

After making the choice to go vegan some years back, Dieter and Jyoti have educated themselves on the impoact our choices make on the world and how we can live more compassionately. They will show the new video “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” and then lead a panel discussion on diet and and the effects of our diet on the environment and society.

Adventure Activities: Canoeing and Archery