Service at the New Years Gathering

The following positions require about five hours a day of work, and give you free entry to the whole event.

Childcare volunteers

    Help out with children in different childcare groups from 3 to 16 years old. This is usually a lot of fun and we have two childcare in charges for each group. This is a great opportunity to get experience with childcare and we can write references for you afterwards if you need.


Kitchen volunteers

   Help out in the kitchen with preparing meals and cleaning. This is a great way to learn about vegetarian cooking and hospitality, and there’s usually plenty of camaraderie, humour and hard work to be found in the kitchen!

    Affinity groups of Gathering attendees also help out with each meal, so you’ll get to meet others and get some guidance.

The following positions also need to be filled, though they don’t offer a scholarship.

  1. Photographer

  2. Ananda Cafe

    This is a fun, and fairly big job! Plan and run our Ananda Cafe serving drinks, treats and snacks. Open around three hours each day. (partial scholarship may be considered.)

  1.   Affinity Groups Coordinator


    There is still some space for workshops and community creations for 2014! Please let us know if you’re inspired to present something.

To volunteer or find out more, contact us at