Arrival & Departure Times:

You may arrive any time after 2 PM on  27th December.  There will be a few simple activities going on like decoration and sports until dinner time.  Dinner will be at: 6:30 PM on the first day. The Opening Ceremony will start around 8:00 PM.

Departure is after lunch on 2 January 2014. The Closing Ceremony will be Wednesday morning after breakfast. Please try to stay for the whole festival.

If you require pick up or drop off at the Gold Coast airport, please plan your flights to arrive BEFORE 4 pm on  27 December, and AFTER 2 pm on 2 January.

What to Bring:

  1. Comfortable, respectful clothing.

Please be aware that monks and nuns will be in attendance and the event is a spiritual gathering, so short shorts, halter tops or other revealing clothes won’t be appropriate.

  1. The rooms have beds or bunks with mattresses and mattress covers and pillows. You’ll need sheets, blankets, or a sleeping bag. (or a tent, etc., if you choose to camp.)

  2. Toiletries and towel. (consider sun cream & insect repellant as well.)

  3. Swimmers.

  4. Meditation cushion and yoga mat or shawl or blanket that you can do yoga on.

  5. Shoes that are easy to take off, as we will remove shoes in the meditation room.

  6. Optionally: Musical instruments, journal and pen. Music, art, poetry, (etc.) to share on the Talent Sharing Evening.

  7. Optionally: Hiking boots, sports clothes and equipment, games for children. Children will need good sunsafe hats for outdoor play -- and that would be a good recommendation for adults, too.

  8. Information you might like to share on the “Open Space / Poster Day” on 31 December.

Sharing Your Talents and Interests

  1. Please consider bringing a song, poem, skit or other creative presentation to share with us on the Talent Sharing evening 28th December.

  2. On 31st January there will be a “poster / open space day.” On this day, anyone who wishes  is invited to present a workshop or presentation to share with others who choose to come.

Please keep in mind that talent sharing or “poster day” events should be generally in line with the spirit of the Gathering. If you have a question if your presentation fits in, just ask.


All meals are provided and will be healthy, abundant and “sentient” vegetarian (no meat, fish, chicken, eggs, onions, garlic or mushrooms.)  If you are gluten or dairy free many meals will be fine, but you may want to bring soy milk or rice cakes, or a few other extras. Salad and raw fruits will be available abundantly for those with raw food tendencies. We will try to source locally-grown foods and some percentage of organic food.

The Ananda Cafe will serve drinks and teas, treats and some other healthful snacks for a small charge. There will also be books, CDs and some other items for sale at the shop, so bring a little spending money.

What not to bring:

Alcohol, junk food, non-prescription drugs, cigarettes and pets. Kids computer games or electronic toys would need to only be used in their own room or tent and are not encouraged.

Some mobile phone reception is available (at certain places at Tylagum.) It is also possible to use WI-FI at the office.

Getting There:

If you need a ride, or can offer one, TO or FROM anywhere!, please send us an email.

The address of Tyalgum Ridge Retreat is 783 Tyalgum Creek Road, Tyalgum, NSW. The phone number there is 02 66 793 222, or you can contact us from the 27th of December on 0400 222 887.

Here is a nice description of Tyalgum Ridge..

Flanked by no less than three spectacular world heritage listed National Parks and a full view of majestic Mount Warning, Tyalgum Ridge Retreat is a magnificent purpose build conference centre that forms part of a 350 acre property. The retreat has over 35 rooms accommodating over 170 people. Facilities include a large auditorium, media rooms, games room, kitchen and dining, two tennis courts, dams for canoeing, two rugby/soccer ovals, a cricket pitch and a swimming pool.

The property has over 200 acres of quality rainforest with established walking trails.