Spiritual Lifestyle Training

13th to 26th January, 2014

A two-week training program to strengthen your spiritual practices and expand your understanding of yoga philosophy under the guidance of senior monk, Dada Krsnapremananda.

In this January session we will also have the benefit of some wonderful guest teachers: Dada Dharmavedananda, founder and director of the Ananda Marga Wellness Centre and senior monk, Dada Unmantrananda, global humanitarian assisstance worker, Didi Ananda Devanishta and Acharya Narada Muni.

Comments from past training:

     “The 2 weeks of the spiritual lifestyle event flew by and before I knew it, it was already over. And that is a shame indeed! It made such a great inspirational and deeply personal impact on me and I am very happy about and grateful for this experience.”

     “I loved Spiritual Lifestyle Training like the first love in my life. It surprised me in everything: cooking, kiirtan, meditation, learning the philosophy, Karma Yoga and asnanas. I gained more confidence, love, cooperation, knowledge and even cooking ability! The last day was something I’ll never forget in my life. The program helped me a lot. It transformed my life to the next level.”

    "I found the Spiritual Lifestyle Training to be very fulfilling. It greatly assisted me in strengthening my discipline with spiritual practices, and deepening my understanding of Yoga philosophy.  I found the training program provided a balanced structure of karma (action), jinana (knowledge) and bhakti (devotion) yoga which I can integrate into my daily life.

     I would recommend Spiritual Lifestyle Training to anyone who is committed to personal development, health and well-being."