This unique event combines the celebration of a Festival with the spiritual depth of a retreat.

All programs are optional.

Start the Day with Love

Greet the sunrise at 5 am if you want to join the practice of Painca Janya, special 5 am meditation. Its always so beautiful to hear the birds singing as the sun slants peacefully in the meditation hall..

At 6 am, a yoga asana class is offered for an hour. Then we have another, longer morning meditation which includes devotional songs, a half an hour of blissful kiirtan chanting, followed by a half an hour of silent meditation, ending in an inspiring talk by one of our nuns or monks.

This whole program runs again for evening meditation before dinner.

Work and Play

Mornings and afternoons you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of talks and workshops where you can learn about spirituality, develop skills, have fun or explore new interests.

Morning workshops are from 10:45 to 12:15.

Afternoon workshops are from 1:45 to 3:15.

Community Creations are from 3:30 to 4:30, and are creativity and adventure based programs.

Sports and Entertainment

In the afternoon there will be time for a swim in the pool or dam, volleyball, cricket or basketball game before evening meditation. After dinner we’ll enjoy a variety of entertainment, including a chance for you to share your talents, so please feel free to bring along an (appropriate!) song, poem, dance, joke, skit...

Children and Teens

Children will have their own age group activities each day during workshop time with experienced carers.

A New Way to Celebrate a New Year

On December 31st, we’ll begin a full 24 hour session of kiirtan chanting at our meditation hall. During this time, we welcome everyone to join for as long as they like, especially during the quiet hours of the night. The chanting creates a special environment for deep meditation and spiritual bliss.

We’ll also offer a variety of extra programs on the day.

Chanting will end on the morning of January 1st with collective meditation so everyone can start the year with peace and inner joy.

On January 1st we’ll enjoy a special day of relaxation and community. Some people may choose to go to nearby Woolumbin / Mt. Warning for a beautiful walk to the summit and picnic. Others may enjoy a quiet day in the beautiful surrounings of Tyalgum Ridge, or take the opportunity for sight seeing.

In the evening we reconvene for our Grand Performance Evening! This is always a lot of fun as each Affinity group and Community Creation shares a skit or performance.