Inspiring program!


  1. Yoga, Chakras & Intuition

  2. Community Choir

  3. Connection and Possiblities

  4. Songs of the New Dawn

  5. Raw Deserts

  6. The Art of Fermentation

Special Guests

Didi Ananda Devanishta

World traveled yoga teacher

Twice Daily Group Meditation with inspiring spiritual talks

Evening Programs

  1. Katha Kiirtan (spiritual sharing)

  2. RAWA night talent sharing

• Concerts, skits

Fun Community Creations with dance, arts and adventure activities.

Time for sports, walks, swimming...

Affinity Groups for community and shared jobs

Book Stall. Ananda Cafe.


Jyoshna  Latrobe

World renowened composer and performer...


This weeklong retreat / festival is a unique opportunity to celebrate the new year with an immersion into a positive spiritual lifestyle. You’ll enjoy:

•  Twice daily yoga and group meditation

  1. Delicious, healthy vegetarian meals

  2. Interesting and informative workshops and talks on spirituality, yoga and other related themes, such as creativity, community and social change.

  3. Evening entertainment

  4. The company of yogic monks and nuns and other people interested in spirituality

  5. A chance to join in 24-hour chanting over the New Year

  6. Beautiful surroundings and comfortable accommodation

  7. Childcare for all ages

  8. And great company... including you?

We hope this website will answer many of your questions though it has not yet been fully updated for 2014. Please alslo feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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Comments from past Gatherings

"It is the most beautiful family in the whole world.

I felt very accepted and very welcome."

"I felt an absolute blossoming of spiritual connection..."

"A very strong flow, like a big wave that carried us forward with so much love and devotion. I was very happy to be part of that wave..."

"This was a wonderful experience of a lifetime."

I feel good, very, very good... and renewed."

"It was my first time. Its been an amazing experience. I had a lot of realisations, and loved the kiirtan."

"One of the most amazing experiences of my life..."

Watch our short video to learn about this inspiring event!

"One of the most amazing experiences of my life..."

Late Arrivals

We’ve started the program from the 27th but we do get calls from people asking if they can come late or for a few days. The answer is YES -- we’d love to see you there and there are still beds available. Pay when you arrive. Questions?

0400 222 887.