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During the event you may call Tyalgum Ridge Retreat on: 02 6679 3222                                     or retreat organisers on 0400 222 887.

Seva Dharma Mission (SDM)

Seva means service, Dharma means spirituality, and Mission means people unitedly working together for a common goal.

SDM promotes spirituality and universalism and has for decades provided training to yoga and meditation teachers and practitioners of Ananda Marga.  Ananda Marga means “the Path of Bliss.”

Links We Love!

Jyoshna La Trobe: Singer / Songwriter

Hear Jyoshna’s albums, read her blog and find out more about her beautiful music.

InnerSong -- For your Kiirtan fix!

Check out this site for over one hundred albums of spiritual music, especially Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan, from around the world. Available to purchase as downloads or CDs --plus many free downloads.

Ananda Marga Publications

You can get e-books or hard copies of many books about Ananda Marga,  or by its founder, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

AMURT: Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team

“Empowering People, Inspiring Change” -- get your dose of inspiring social service here and see projects around the world, making a world of difference.

The Ananda Marga River School, Maleny, Queensland

What a beautiful place! What a new view of education!

Fair Trade Hand Woven Clothes from Thailand

These clothes are handwoven and sewn to support Baan Unrak “House of Joy” in Northern Thailand. You can order them online.

Purusha: Divine Music

Giitanjali and Maetraya sing devotional mantras that offer peace and awareness to your body, mind and spirit. “Our intent is to hold a space for people to rest in their own heart’s wisdom which is love, infinite and eternal.”

Maleny Green Printery 

How amazing to go into a print shop without the smell of chemicals. Beautiful Brenda at Maleny Green Printery must surely be the world’s expert on recycled paper and all things green in the print world. She printed our DL flyer without chemical inks. (07) 5494 2888.